Microsoft Project Server is a powerful project portfolio management (PPM) solution that can be deployed as part of a larger SharePoint implementation and is designed for people who need to manage projects, programs and portfolios. This Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solution also provides desktop project management capabilities through Microsoft Project Professional and can be made available from virtually anywhere on almost any device. Our training covers every aspect of Project Server from the desktop to advanced reporting and workflow management. This course covers Project Server 2013.

Project Server for Project Managers This course is designed to teach project managers how to effectively manage projects and resources using Project Server. Participants will learn how to initiate proposals and projects in the Project Web App (PWA), collaborate with project sites, interact with the PWA ribbon, build resource teams as well as manage task and timesheet assignments and updates. They will also learn how to work with reporting with the BI Center.

  Project Server for Administrators This course is designed to teach Project Server administrators how to setup, configure, maintain and troubleshoot a Microsoft Project Server implementation. Participants will learn how to install and configure the necessary software components including the setting up services, accounts and permissions. SharePoint topics will also be covered relating to setting up and supporting Project Server . Participants will also learn how to create custom fields, views/reports, and manage enterprise features as well as provide ongoing support and maintenance of the environment.

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  • Do you provide training for groups?
    • Group training is an option across all of the titles we teach.
  • Can the training be done virtually?
    • Yes, all of our titles can be delivered virtually where the student and instructor are in different locations.
  • Can it also be done at our location?
    • We have trainers available for onsite as well.
  • What if our team is dispursed across the country or globe?
    • Satellite locations and virtual classrooms can be set up across our 3,000+ location of classrooms.
  • What if we don't need to be trained on all of the content in the standard agendas?
    • All of our titles can be tailored to accomodate the organizational learning objectives.
  • Can the students learn even if they cannot attend a live session?
    • Yes, many of our titles are available On Demand which means 24/7 access to learning content.
  • Can the students get help if they have questions?
    • Our team of learning professionals are always available to answer questions or provide assistance..
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