• They build software, we build learning solutions.

    We met in the middle with a tailored solution that satisfied their requirements.

  • Cadence Health needed a provider.

    It was their turn for a training health check.

  • When you need them, they are there.

    We were there for them when they needed training.

  • Multiple virtual training sessions

    We used breakout sessions and fun exercises for this diverse global training engagement.

  • Rolling out a new set of tools at the FAA...no problem.

    It was getting into the front gates that was the challenge. Great training with the FAA.

  • Eugene needed training, asap.

    We answered the call and delivered best in class training for Eugene.

  • BHP Billiton rolling out new tools and services as their business grows.

    We were there to help.

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We have had the opportunity and pleasure to work with customers around the world and provide a training solution that addressed their specific needs, which includes globally dispersed learners, tailored curriculum, and even crossing language and time zone limitations.

Case Studies



On Site Global Training and On Demand
We worked with both Hussmann (sister company of Trane) and Trane to provide training to their dispersed users across three regions which included Latin America, Europe and Asia. We were able to accommodate varying time zones and schedules to get users trained on Trane’s SharePoint and Project Server implementation. Tailored on demand video was created specifically for their implementation and Project Management concepts and Trane’s internal processes were communicated during the sessions.


Ernst & Young
Onsite PPM Training
Ernst & Young needed a training partner who could not only tailor SharePoint and Project Titles, but also deliver them to over 25 participants at a time. Our virtual classroom solution was the answer. Our solution allowed us to blend in technical topics that augmented their internal PPM initiatives.


On Site SharePoint, Project and Project Server
Crowley had customized their SharePoint implementation quite a bit and a standard off the shelf training agenda was not going to work for them. They needed a training partner that could become familiar with their implementation and formulate a training plan that addressed their specific goals and objectives but was willing to deliver the training in a location that was suitable for the learners. They also wanted to make sure they had training material at the conclusion of the session that they could use ongoing for new training sessions.


On Site SharePoint & Project Server Training
The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) was interested in learning SharePoint and Project Server from an Administrators perspective, but had some specific reporting and workflow concerns that they wanted addressed in the course. They also had a limited budget, so travel and a standard four or five day course was not going to work for the participating students. The answer was a tailored agenda that incorporated both SharePoint and Project Server topics and delivered in the cloud with a delivery schedule that worked for the instructor and the students.


City of Plano
On Site SharePoint and Project Server Training
City of Plano did not require a large amount of tailoring, but they did want their staff trained at their location using their training instance and environment. We were able to accommodate them by having a trainer be onsite and work through modules and topics that addressed their specific needs.



Cisco Systems
On Site SharePoint and Project Server Classroom
Cisco Systems was looking for a way to record their training sessions but also incorporate the videos into their LMS system. We worked closely with both their PMO and technical staff to ensure we had the right content and format in order to redistribute properly within their internal systems.

Need Onsite, Group or Tailored Training?


  • What is Virtual Classroom?
    • Virtual Classroom is Instructor-led training delivered to dispersed students on specific dates and times. Students attend using a computer and Internet connection. Learn More.
  • What is On Demand?
    • On Demand allows students to learn at their own pace on their own time with the support from our instructors. Learn More.
  • Do you provide training for groups?
    • Group training is an option across all of the titles we teach.
  • Can it also be done at our location?
    • Yes, we have trainers available for onsite as well.
  • What if our team is dispursed across the country or globe?
    • Satellite classrooms can be set up across our 3,000+ worldwide locations. Learn More
  • What if we don't need to be trained on all of the content in the standard outlines?
    • All of our titles can be tailored to accomodate your organizational learning objectives.
  • Can the students be tested and monitored as part of the training objectives?
    • Yes, we have a Learning Mangement System (LMS) as part of our suite of learning management solutions. Learn More.
  • Check all of our FAQ's