This BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Change is designed for anyone involved in or affected by change initiatives required to deliver business benefit. These initiatives are likely to include the implementation of revised business processes and/or IT systems.

This course considers the underlying concepts in the areas of business and requirements analysis, change management and the consultancy skills necessary to ensure maximum value is achieved from the implementation.

The Certificate counts towards the Business Analysis Diploma as one of the available knowledge based options.

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Module 1: Business Change Principles

1.1: Course Overview
1.2: The Distinction between IT, Business Change, and IT-Enabled Business Change Projects
1.3: The Distinction between IT as a Driver and as an Enabler
1.4: The Degrees of Business Change
1.5: The Distinction between Improving Business Operations and Improving Business Information
1.6: IT as a Core Competence and the Implications for the Outsourcing Business Model
1.7: Lifecycle for Business Change
1.8: Stages in the Business Change Lifecycle
1.9: Identification, Analysis, and Management of Stakeholders
1.10: Business, Project, and External Stakeholders
1.11: Roles and Responsibilities of Key Stakeholders
1.12: Summary: Business Change Principles

Module 2: Business and IT Alignment

2.1: Aligning the Organisation with the External Environment, the Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics, and the Enterprise Architecture
2.2: The External and Internal Business Environments for Organisations
2.3: Organisational Cultures
2.4: National Cultures
2.5: The Impact of Cultural Change and Taking a Holistic Approach
2.6: Corporate and IT Governance and the Relevance to Benefits and Risk Management
2.7: Elements of an Enterprise Architecture
2.8: Summary of Business and IT Alignment

Module 3: Business Improvement Definition

3.1: Investigating the Business Situation: Rationale and Techniques
3.2: Holistic Approach and Systems Thinking
3.3: Gap Analysis: Purpose and Approach
3.4: Business Requirements Elicitation and Analysis
3.5: Contents of the Business Case
3.6: Stakeholder Responsibilities and the Business Case
3.7: Business Case Lifecycle
3.8: Programme Definition
3.9: Summary: Business Improvement Definition

Module 4: Business Change Design

4.1: Aspects of Organisational Change
4.2: Aspects of People Change
4.3: Aspects of Process Change
4.4: Information Analysis and Modelling
4.5: Aspects of Information Technology
4.6: Summary: Business Change Design

Module 5: Business Change Implementation

5.1: Planning the Acquisition, Deployment, and Acceptance
5.2: Acquiring the Solution
5.3: Deploying the Solution
5.4: Ensuring Acceptance
5.5: Reviewing the Change
5.6: Summary: Business Change Implementation

Module 6: Benefits Management and Realisation

6.1: Benefits Management in the Business Change Lifecycle
6.2: Classifying Benefits
6.3: Investment Appraisal Techniques
6.4: Benefits and the Balanced Business Scorecard, CSFs, and KPIs
6.5: Roles and Responsibilities in Benefits Management
6.6: Purpose, Conduct, and Outcomes of a Benefits Review
6.7: Benefits Realisation: Significance and Challenges
6.8: Summary: Benefits Management and Realisation

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