Writing at work can be frightening. Many people get blocked when forced to put their thoughts into words. In our frantic, numbers-driven world, the importance of clear writing is often over-looked. So how can your employees produce writing that attracts readers and builds a loyal following? And how can they feel more confident about their next writing assignment?


Module 1: Introduction

1.1: Introduction

Module 2: Writing for Readers

2.1: What Do You Want from Your Reader?
2.2: What Do Readers Want from Your Writing?
2.3: Sensory Preferences

Module 3: Structure and Flow

3.1: Planning & the Pyramid Structure
3.2: Flow

Module 4: Writing with Style

4.1: Make Your Writing Easy to Follow
4.2: How to Write a Great Sentence
4.3: The Words That Attract Readers
4.4: Punctuation and Grammar

Module 5: Editing your Writing

5.1: Getting the Most from Feedback
5.2: Editing Your Work

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