Businesses operate in an age of unprecedented speed and complexity. In this exciting but challenging environment, businesspeople are increasingly busy, stressed and rushed. Communication, influence and teamwork is becoming more important, but increasingly strained.

These three skills are indisputably at the very heart of business life and essential in achieving clarity of information, effective coordination and positive and efficient change. With excellent communication, influence and teamwork skills, the world of business becomes an infinitely more rewarding place for your staff and your business.

This course employs written material, videos, images and exercises to teach users how to cultivate these skills and ensure that they maximise their professional value.Group discounts also available.


Module 1: Introduction

1.1: Introduction

Module 2: Communication

2.1: Wants vs. Needs and Open vs. Closed Questions
2.2: Introverts and Extroverts
2.3: Listening
2.4: Body Language
2.5: Emotions

Module 3: Influence

3.1: Influence
3.2: Power and Empathy
3.3: Consistency
3.4: Influencing Techniques
3.5: Credibility and Presenting

Module 4: Teamwork

4.1: Types of Teamwork
4.2: Running a Team
4.3: Conflict in Teams
4.4: Team Communication

Module 5: Further Communication Tips

5.1: Using Rapport to Influence Team Performance

Module 6: Outro

6.1: Communicating with Yourself

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