Making better decisions within an organisation is crucial to getting better results. In a complex organisational environment with competing interests and limited resources, effective decision-making can become a significant challenge. This course will help you overcome that challenge.

By applying a simple and structured approach to problem solving, new options will become clear. When identifying potential solutions, thinking critically provides the tools to determine the correct solution for each situation.

This course introduces you to the principles of 'critical thinking', then teaches you a framework to apply in the workplace.


Module 1: Introduction to Critical Thinking

1.1: What is 'Critical Thinking' All About?
1.2: Core Principles it Helps to Know
1.3: The Reality of Decision Making
1.4: How Much Does it Matter?

Module 2: Building Your Case: Data and Methods

2.1: Data Quality
2.2: Understanding Data
2.3: Interviews: Your Best Qualitative Technique

Module 3: The Problem Solving Approach

3.1: Know Your Outcome
3.2: Examine Your Problem
3.3: Generate Options
3.4: Analyse Options and Select a Solution
3.5: Decision Making
3.6: Implementation Planning
3.7: Evaluation

Module 4: Presenting Your Case

4.1: Presenting and Influencing

Module 5: Conclusion

5.1: Keep an Open Mind and Ask Good Questions

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