Overview: This course is designed for Program and Portfolio Managers using Project Server 2013. This course covers Program and Portfolio capabilities found in Project Server 2013 including setup and configuration of the “strategy” area of the tool. Students will also learn how to manage master and sub-projects and use leveling and reporting features with Project Professional. Students will also create business drivers, prioritization's, portfolio analysis and scenarios.
  Prerequisites: This course is intended for project managers, program managers, portfolio managers, and Project Server administrators.
   Title: Microsoft Project Server 2013 for Portfolio Managers (MPS13-OM)

Module 1: Getting started with Program and Portfolio Management

  • Topic 1: High-level overview of the portfolio capabilities and features available in MPS 2013
  • Topic 2: Setting up and configuring Project Server for Portfolio Management

Module 2: Creating and Managing Master & Sub-Projects

  • Topic 1: Create and Manage Master and Sub-Projects, sites and subsites
  • Topic 2: Use Project Professional for Resource leveling and reporting with multiple projects

Module 3: Creating and Managing Business Drivers & Prioritizations

  • Topic 1: Create and manage business drivers and impact statements
  • Topic 2: Create and Manage Prioritizations

Module 4: Creating and Managing Portfolio Analyses

  • Topic 1: Create and manage portfolio analysis
  • Topic 2: Create and manage “what-if” scenarios run reports, make comparisons and commit approved projects

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