Navigating PWA

Its important to understand the different areas of PWA and how to navigate in and out of projects, resources, task updates, and project sites. In this module you will be asked to navigate to the different areas of PWA where projects, resources, tasks, approvals and other areas of interest. For example, the Projects link in the Quick Launch will take you to the Project Center where all of the projects will be located. The Resources link will take you to the Resource Center which is where all of the enterprise resources are stored and managed. Some areas such as the BI Center will navigate down to a dedicated subsite where reports and dashboards will be managed.


Navigate to the Project Center

1.       Launch Internet Explorer

2.       Browse to the PWA home page: https://[company name]/sites/[pwa instance]

3.       Click the Projects link.

4.       Click the Project tab.

5.       Click the Browse tab and then click the Project Web App link.

Navigate to the Resource Center

1.       From the Home Page, click the Resources link from the Quick Launch.

2.       Click the check box next to [Resource Name].

Sort by Resource Name

1.       Roll-over the column header for Resource Name.

2.       Click the drop down arrow and choose Sort Ascending.


1.       Roll your arrow over the upper left hand column header and click the drop down.

2.       Click the Select All option.

3.       Click again and click the Clear All option.