Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and Office have become the standard collaboration and productivity environments in the modern workplace and being proficient in these services and applications are prerequisites for today’s knowledge workers. This Office 365 Productivity Bundle includes all our foundational productivity titles including:

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This course is covers the many aspects of Microsoft® Office 365. In this course, students will become productive anytime using Microsoft’s Office 365 powerful communication and collaboration tools available in the cloud. In this course we will look at logging in and navigating the Office 365 ecosystem as well as exploring profile and account settings. We’ll also preview Office Online and the App store. OneDrive will also be examined for storage and document management along with creating, managing and sharing sites.

Introduction: Office 365

Module 1: Getting started with Office 365

1.1: Signing in to Office 365
1.2: Explore the Office 365 Environment

Module 2: Creating and Collaborating with Office Online

2.1: Working with Office Online
2.2: Manage account settings and setting user profile options

Module 3: Managing content with OneDrive

3.1: OneDrive overview
3.2: Uploading and Managing content with OneDrive
3.3: Configuring OneDrive on the desktop

Module 4: Office 365 Site Management

4.1: Creating and managing sites
4.2: Sharing and managing site content


Microsoft Office has become the standard in the modern workplace and being proficient in applications like Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are prerequisites for today’s knowledge workers. The latest version of Office was designed to connect you to team members and work on documents and items collaboratively. If you're looking to "upskill" your staff and increase their proficiency and productivity then our Microsoft Office training bundle and titles will do just that. Your staff will learn all the features and functionality needed to streamline their work, best practices to use and how to collaborate more effectively

Introduction: Office


In this course, you will use Outlook to send, receive, and manage email messages, manage your contact information, schedule appointments and meetings, create Tasks and Notes for yourself, and customize the Outlook interface to suit your working style.


In this course, you'll learn how to use Word 2016 to create and edit simple documents; format documents; add tables and lists; add design elements and layout options; and proof documents and is intended for students who need to learn basic Word skills, such as creating, editing, and formatting documents; inserting simple tables and creating lists; and employing a variety of techniques for improving the appearance and accuracy of document content.


Students in this course will learn to create powerful charts graphs and integrate and display that information using web based portals with Office 365 and SharePoint Excel Web Access. This course covers multiple topics from basic spreadsheet/workbook management to advanced Power BI reporting.


PowerPoint helps people create powerful, thought provoking, information rich presentations. Knowledge works need to not only compile and manage meaningful information, but also have the knowledge to present that information in a meaningful professional way. This course helps our students become productive users of this power tool and it covers both basic and advanced topics.


This course is designed to teach you the multiple aspects of SharePoint including how to navigate the SharePoint environment and create content such as lists and libraries. You will also learn about creating content using familiar Office tools and storage options. You will also learn about communicating with Social tools and portals. Managing sites and site collections will also be covered. On completion of the course, your team will be able to manage content for a variety of media, collaborate with colleagues effectively across SharePoint's features, manage tasks lists, calendars and schedules remotely and generate and analyse reports on the platform.

Introduction: SharePoint

Module 1: SharePoint Online, SharePoint and Office 365

1.1: SharePoint Online Vs On Premise
1.2: SharePoint Online, SharePoint and the Office 365 ecosystem
1.3: The role of the SharePoint End User

Module 2: Getting Started with SharePoint

2.1: Accessing SharePoint
2.2: Navigating the SharePoint Environment
2.3: Understanding the SharePoint Architecture

Module 3: Creating and managing Sites and Site Collections

3.1: Creating a new site from a template
3.2: Managing Site Settings and Site Content
3.3: Understanding the role of Site Collections

Module 4: Adding and Configuring Libraries

4.1: Creating Libraries
4.2: Uploading and managing library content
4.3: Search for Documents and Files

Module 5: Adding and Configuring Lists

5.1: Create Lists
5.2: Working with different list types
5.3: Importing and exporting list content

Module 6: Managing Views and MetaData

6.1: Understanding Library and List Settings
6.2: Creating columns and metadata
6.3: Creating and Managing Views

Module 7: Navigation and Search

7.1: Navigation Components
7.2: Working with the Quick Launch
7.3: People Search

Module 8: Communicating with Social Tools

8.1: Introduction to Social Tools
8.2: Profile Management
8.3: Blogging and Community Portal Management



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