Management is of central importance to all organisations. In order to create value and develop success, organisations need to launch, manage, and evaluate projects effectively throughout.

Today’s professional environment is a web of complex resources, deadlines and ambitions. Project management skills are invaluable when able to synthethise wide-ranging tools and processes, ensuring projects are efficient, flexible and effective.

Become a smarter company by training your staff in key project-management skills and translate the complexity of the modern professional environment into concrete success.


Module 1: Introduction

1.1: Introduction
1.2: A Brief Discussion on Project Management and How it Began
1.3: The "Book Ends" of the Project Management Process
1.4: Various Project Management Frameworks / Life Cycles

Module 2: Preparation

2.1: The High Level Organisation Structure of a Project
2.2: Project Definition
2.3: Initial Stakeholder Analysis

Module 3: Planning

3.1: Management Processes - Adding Discipline without Bureaucracy
3.2: Developing a Project Schedule
3.3: Identifying and Assigning Project Resources
3.4: Probability

Module 4: Performance

4.1: Project Team Management
4.2: Directing and Controlling Project Work
4.3: A Project Manager's Soft Skills

Module 5: Closure

5.1: Deliverable Verification
5.2: Project / Phase Closure

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