Our Business Analysis courses are a deeper understanding of strategy, analysis, process and change. They're the perfect foundation for those looking to improve their general skillset but also ideal for individuals preparing for the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.

Learn more about our advanced business analysis courses below:

  Business Analysis Practice
Develop the skills needed to work with senior business and IT staff to analyze and model business activities. Learn business strategy, use proven techniques to analyze business areas, and identify changes to business processes needed to meet internal and external challenges.



Requirements Engineering
Businesses are constantly looking for ways to evolve. This course will teach the skills needed to analyze the requirements of your business and work with key stakeholders to prioritize, organize and implement the products or systems needed to manage transitions effectively.

  Business Change
For anyone involved in or affected by change initiatives required to deliver business benefit. You'll study the underlying concepts in the areas of business and requirements analysis, change management and the consultancy skills necessary to ensure maximum value is achieved.
Modeling Business Processes

Modelling business processes can help find areas of a business where change is needed. This course will help your staff identify, evaluate and improve business processes and in turn deliver radical and beneficial change to your organisation.
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  • Do you provide training for groups?
    • Group training is an option across all of the titles we teach.
  • Can the training be done virtually?
    • Yes, all of our titles can be delivered virtually where the student and instructor are in different locations.
  • Can it also be done at our location?
    • We have trainers available for onsite as well.
  • What if our team is dispursed across the country or globe?
    • Satellite locations and virtual classrooms can be set up across our 3,000+ location of classrooms.
  • What if we don't need to be trained on all of the content in the standard agendas?
    • All of our titles can be tailored to accomodate the organizational learning objectives.
  • Can the students learn even if they cannot attend a live session?
    • Yes, many of our titles are available On Demand which means 24/7 access to learning content.
  • Can the students get help if they have questions?
    • Our team of learning professionals are always available to answer questions or provide assistance..
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