Our business foundation courses are the most widely used workplace skills. These courses are ideal for companies looking to increase their staff proficiency and productivity.

The role of the modern knowledge worker encompasses many different disciplines. Office professionals are no longer type-cast into one area of expertise but are instead expected to be proficient in a number of different skills.

Analyzing business performance, managing complex projects and presenting your findings are all part and parcel of a professional's routine. Learn more about our business foundation courses below:

Business Analysis

Business Analysis - The course will take your staff through a proven, structured process to improve their ability to collect, analyze and forecast information, generate valuable insights and make well-supported business decisions.



Business Writing

Business Writing - The importance of clear writing is often overlooked. This course offers tangible tools and techniques to improve writing. Whether it’s a two-line email or a two-hundred page report, the quality, focus and speed of written communications will increase.

Communication and Team Building

Communication, Influence & Teams - Communication, influence and teamwork are indisputably at the very heart of business life and essential in achieving clarity of information, effective coordination and positive and efficient change. This course will cultivate these skills and quickly impact productivity.
Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving - Thinking critically provides the tools to determine the best solution for each situation. This course introduces you to the principles of 'critical thinking', then teaches you a framework to apply in the workplace.
Finance Fundamentals

Finance for Non-financial Professionals - Aimed at those with a limited understanding of financial techniques and vocabulary, this course will give your staff the invaluable skills needed to best use resources and achieve both greater financial success and the wider objectives of the business.
Data Science Fundamentals

Introduction to Data Science - The ability to work with data is becoming more desireable in a number of generalist roles, irrespective of the industry. If you want your staff to be able to draw insights and trends from reports then this course will give them the tools to do so.
Project Management Fundamentals

Project Management - Today’s professional environment is a web of complex resources, deadlines and ambitions. But do your staff have the know-how to manage the projects they're involved in? This course will teach core frameworks such as projects life cycles, how to define projects and identify stakeholders, how to close projects and achieve ROI.
Strategy and Business Models

Strategy & Business Models - Widespread strategic innovation means that businesses now face more complex and dynamic issues than ever before. Whether you need to pitch your new business case, reposition your market or predict your next big growth trajectory, this course will teach your staff how to deliver effective, scalable and transferable business models.
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  • What is Virtual Classroom?
    • Virtual Classroom is Instructor-led training delivered to dispersed students on specific dates and times. Students attend using a computer and Internet connection. Learn More.
  • What is On Demand?
    • On Demand allows students to learn at their own pace on their own time with the support from our instructors. Learn More.
  • Do you provide training for groups?
    • Group training is an option across all of the titles we teach.
  • Can it also be done at our location?
    • Yes, we have trainers available for onsite as well.
  • What if our team is dispursed across the country or globe?
    • Satellite classrooms can be set up across our 3,000+ worldwide locations. Learn More
  • What if we don't need to be trained on all of the content in the standard outlines?
    • All of our titles can be tailored to accomodate your organizational learning objectives.
  • Can the students be tested and monitored as part of the training objectives?
    • Yes, we have a Learning Mangement System (LMS) as part of our suite of learning management solutions. Learn More.
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