• Classroom On Demand...learning has never been easier.

    Learning Management Solutions

    A proven learning process, built and delivered on a global platform with hundred's of titles to choose from and supported by our team of professionals.
  • Office 365 Training

    The new Windows?

    Many say "yes" we say "duh". Apps, storage, communication...sounds like an operating system to us. We have your 365 titles.

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  • Microsoft Office 365 Project Online

    Project Server in the cloud...something almost poetic about it.

    You get the power and capabilities of the Project Server enterprise application available any time, anywhere with Project Online, oh and btw, we have the deepest set of Project Server titles available anywhere.

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  • Microsoft SharePoint

    SharePoint, you have come a long way my friend.

    SharePoint is everywhere and today's employers are expecting a level of proficiency in this platform. We have the titles to get you there.

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  • Microsoft Power BI

    PBI, your hot and you know it.

    Everybody has meaningful data that they need to review, analyze and make sense of. The question is how do we do it and what tool do we use...the answer, PBI. Let's get your data analysis on.

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  • Business Foundation

    Weather your just joining the workplace or kick starting a new career or opportunity, we have the key ingredient.

    Considerate it your secret sauce.

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  • Learning Management Solutions
  • Our Process
  • Our Platform
  • Our Professionals

Complete End to End Learning Management Solutions

Learning & Development solutions focused on achieving results

Beyond Traditional Training

The modern workplace has moved us beyond the traditional training approach.

Assessment, monitoring, analysis and support

Understanding the learners capabilities and limitations are crucial first steps.

Onsite, virtual and on demand

Training delivered in the right format to the right audience at the right time.

Our Learning Professionals

Learning professionals focused on results driven delivery.

Our Proven Process

We build a roadmap for your learners from Assessment to Support


Assessing the learners capabilities and organizational goals is the foundation for student success.


On going performance monitoring, content delivery and evaluations are all part of a successful learning experience.


Student analysis, progress reporting provide the greatest opportunities for student growth.


Student support is paramount to the learning process.

Our Learning Platform

A learning platform designed and built with one objective-results

On Demand Learning

Learn at your own pace on your schedule.

Virtual Classroom

Over 3,000 locations worldwide-satellite, virtual and in the cloud.


Our certfied learning professionals always available for onsite delivery.

Session based delivery

Our learning platform is tailored for each student.

Learning Professionals

Our learning professionals have many years experience conducting training sessions and building training programs.

Average of over 15 years of training experience

Let's just say our bench is experienced and deep.

A Learning Methodology that gets results

A proven learning methodology that gets reseults.

Consultants as much as trainers

Learning professionals with experience in their field of expertise.

Learning doesn't have to be a chore

We strive to make our learning sessions fun and engaging.

  • Learning Management Solutions

    A proven process, delivered in our state of the art learning portal and supported by our team of professionals dedicated to your success.

  • Student Dashboard and Learning Portal

    Student dashboards provide guidance and feedback as you progress through the training.

  • Tutorials

    Easy to follow online tutorials allow you to quickly find step by step guidance.

  • Microsoft Official Courses

    Microsoft Office Curriculum Courses available with or without printed material and virtual labs. Learning how you intended it to be.

  • Videos

    Video demonstrations and lectures help explain topics and concepts.

  • Content Libraries

    A rich library of templates, exercise files, and other supporting content available for download.

  • Interactive Guides

    Online interactive guides make it easy to get access to the information you need.

  • Knowledge Checks

    Test your knowledge with our knowledge checks.

  • Instructor Supported

    Our team of certified learning professionals are here to support you as you progress through the training.

  • Virtual Classroom

    These live sessions are instructor-led and delivered through online sessions at specific dates and times. A device and a connection and your in.

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  • They build software, we build learning solutions.

    We met in the middle with a tailored solution that satisfied their requirements.

  • Cadence Health needed a provider.

    It was their turn for a training health check.

  • When you need them, they are there.

    We were there for them when they needed training.

  • Multiple virtual training sessions

    We used breakout sessions and fun exercises for this diverse global training engagement.

  • Rolling out a new set of tools at the FAA...no problem.

    It was getting into the front gates that was the challenge. Great training with the FAA.

  • Eugene needed training, asap.

    We answered the call and delivered best in class training for Eugene.

  • BHP Billiton rolling out new tools and services as their business grows.

    We were there to help.

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Instructor showcase

  • As a consultant, I've worked closely with customers deploying tools and technologies. I'm committed to transferring that knowledge to my students. Mitchell Moreau SharePoint, Office365 and PowerBI Instructor
  • Having worked in the training space for almost 20 years, I'm committed to providing the most cost-effective, valued added training solutions available today. Leon GallegosChief Learning Evangelist
  • Having trained literally thousands of users over the years, I bring real-world experiences and unique sensibility into each training session. Ed HornProject, SharePoint and Office Instructor
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